Wizard of Oz Play info

    It is already the first week in April and spring is finally here! I’m taking a moment to send you some information for our class play in May. All students have a part and are participating in the play this year, and it looks to be a fabulous production! The following are some important dates to keep in mind in the coming months, in regards to the play.

After April Vacation: Students should know most of their lines

Tuesday April 25th- After School practice 3-4:15 for the play in the gym

Tuesday May 3,10,and 17th: After School practice 3-4:15 for the play in the gym

Thursday May 19th- Dress Rehearsal 3-4:15 for the play in the gym

Friday May 20th- The Production of the play in the gym at 7:00pm


Who's in the play......
Wizard of Oz Parts

-Narrator: Stacey
Dorothy: Katie
- Toto: CJ
- Tin Man: Brandon
- Scarecrow: Nick B.
- Cowardly Lion: Lauren
- Wizard of Oz/Gatekeeper: Jackie
- Auntie Em: Jackie
- Uncle Henry: Noah
- Farmer 1: Nick J
Farmer 2:
- Wicked Witch of the West: Jenn
- Glinda, the Good Witch of the North: Jamie
- Munchkin Mayor: Cam
- Munchkin 1: Allison
- Munchkin 2: Bri
- Citizen 1: Hunter
Citizen 2:
Winged Monkey Leader: Colby
- Winged Monkey 1: Nathan
- Winged Monkey 2: Alex
- Evil Tree 1: Bailey
- Evil Tree 2: Hunter