Project Descriptor

President's Research Project

Silhouette of Abraham Lincoln clipart

Date Introduced: Friday January 28th

Materials Sent Home: Friday January 28th

Project Due in Entirety: Monday April 25th!


Step One: You will be choosing a president’s name from a hat. This president will be any of those who were # 22 through #44. The president you choose is the one that you will be conducting research on for your poster, note cards, and 5 minute speech.

Step Two: Begin to research your president. You may use documents, books, magazines, the internet, encyclopedias or any other appropriate reference to get your information. Make sure that you keep track on your bibliography log books any sources that you use. You will need 3 to 4 resources of any kind for your project.

Step Three:  Using 50 notecards and your folders, you will be taking and filing notes on 6 different categories about your president’s life-- I have provided you with an example on the next page of how to fill out the cards for your project.

- Each card will have the name of the author or creator, the title of the selection you got it from, the category that you found the fact from and one sentence or fact about your president

The 6 Categories are:   Childhood                           Young Adulthood

                                  Hometown/Homestate       Presidential Facts

                                  Family Information          Fun Facts and Trivia

 Step Four: Using your notecards,  you will be designing a trifold poster on your president. There are specific requirements and set ups for this in this information packet so please refer to this when constructing your poster.

Step Five: Prepare a 3 to 5 minute speech to share with the class about your president. If you fill in the front of a 5”x 7” notecard with facts and info that usually is enough for the speech.

Step Six: You will be using your bibiliography sheet to construct a bibliography in class of your resources. We will type these up in the computer lab.

Step Seven: Present your project to the class and then school at the presidential fair!

                                             Due Dates :


Friday February 4th : Presidents will  be selected

Friday March 4th: Check in day for notecards (should have 25)

Monday March 28th: All note cards done and  checked in

Monday April 25th: Projects need to be complete(Notecards,

posters, bibliography, and speeches)


These due dates are final and grades will be marked down if

not followed

*** If there is a snow day on a due date, the project will be

due two days later than originally scheduled.